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Trivsamt och hemtrevligt vid Pellas Gästhem

Archipelago idyll at Pellas Gästhem

Waking up after a night in Pellas Gästhem is like waking up in a friend’s house. It is hard to believe you are actually at a guesthouse.

The rooms are decorated in a homey style and each of the apartments at Pellas have their own personality and color scheme. The overall impression is well thought-out and the result very homelike.

“Since we bought the house in 2004, I have tried to adapt my personal style to the seven different rooms, but I always had the feeling that something was missing”, says Tiina Eriksson, hostess at Pellas.

The hotel feeling is gone

Through her participation in the design project Åland Form, Tiina got help to realize her dreams together with the designer Chiqui Mattsson. Together they have created a guest house with wonderful home environments.

“With Chiqui’s help I have now found an expression that feels right, that makes me happy and that gives the rooms a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere”, Tiina says. “A country-style suits both Pellas, which was built in 1900, and me.”

She adds: “This is like a home – so I’m sure it will never be finished. I always think about it when I visit antique shops and flea markets.”

Fellowship and relaxation

Pellas Gästhem is located on the island Lappo in Lappo village in Brändö, a municipality in Åland’s eastern archipelago. The stillness in the village is something that appeals to most vacationers. There is time and space for fellowship, to enjoy the present and nature.

The surroundings are also perfect for courses and retreats, for example several painting and yoga courses have been arranged at Pellas.

“We even have had anthroposophic summer days with mineral themes”, Tiina says. “Here the groups find peace and quiet and can walk to and from their activities.”

The community center Klockkulla offers space for yoga, lessons and meetings, at walking distance from the guest house. Larger groups are also offered full pension. The meals are served in Klockkulla.

“For my yoga guests I have for example made ecological and vegetarian food, three times a day.”

Experience all seasons

Pellas is open year round, and you can celebrate a summer party in the garden or cover yourself with a warm blanket when the autumn and winter storms roar outside.

Pellas also include three newly built overnight cabins with a kitchenette and access to wc/shower in a separate building – an excellent alternative for bicycle tourists who are island hopping in the Åland archipelago.

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