All ferries lead to Åland

Åland has excellent communications. Choose between short or long voyages, by airplane or with your own boat. All means of travel have their own advantages.

Åland is easy to get to. The many ferries that traffic between Finland and Sweden all call at Åland. You can take the ferry from either Helsinki or Turku in Finland, or from Stockholm, Kapellskär and Grisslehamn in Sweden, as well as from Tallinn in Estonia.

Island hopping. From the Finnish mainland you can also take the northern archipelago line from Vuosnainen to Hummelvik in Vårdö, or alternatively the southern archipelago line from Galtby to Långnäs in Lumparland. These charming ferries take you from island to island, letting you experience the archipelago along the way.

If you prefer flying, Air Åland offers several quick daily flights to Mariehamn, both from Helsinki and Stockholm.

Facts about Åland
  • More than 6.500 islands, of which 65 are inhabited.
  • Autonomous, Swedish speaking region in Finland.
  • Own flag, own stamps, own license plates and own top domain (ax).
  • 27.500 inhabitants of which 11.000 live in Åland’s only town, Mariehamn.
  • The Åland government is called “landskapsregering”.
  • The most important sector is shipping which counts for 40 percent of the Åland GNP.
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