Midsummer in Åland

You can see them scattered here and there on the Åland islands; the stately and beautifully embellished Midsummer poles – a symbol for both Åland and the summer.

The celebration of Midsummer is a beloved tradition. You are welcome to participate in the old rituals around the Åland Midsummer pole and help with all from decorating with leaves to pole rising.

Midsummer is a festival that the people of Åland celebrate joyfully, preferably outdoors, with friends and family. The girls make wreaths of meadow flowers to wear on their heads. Joint dinners and the raising of the village’s Midsummer pole are also part of the Midsummer celebrations.

The celebrations are also noticed in the grocery stores and shops which all close early at Midsummer Eve. Some are also closed on Midsummer Day, so shop your groceries in time!

Traditional foods for midsummer are for example pickled fish and early potatoes in combination with well-chilled schnapps, smoked and pickled salmon, crisp bread or black bread – and a tasty strawberry cake for dessert.

Midsummer Eve is always celebrated on the Friday that is included in the time period 19-25 of June. Midsummer Eve 2010 is celebrated Friday the 25th.




Photo: Daniel Eriksson

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