The Lemland hiking trail

The hiking trail is about 23 kilometers long and starts in Lumparsund and ends at the Lemström's canal.

Sights along the way
 "We have tried to avoid laying out the trail will be along roads and a rather substantial part of the trail is in the forest," says Jesper Grönholm, project manager for the new hiking trail. From Lumparsund the trail leads to Granboda and continues up to southern Åland's highest point, the Bistorpsberg, 77 meters above sea level. On top of the hill are stone fields that the inland ice left behind and the trail leads straight through one of Åland's nature reserves. From here you will have a splendid view across the Lumparn sea. Then the trail continues to Norrby along old gravel roads and paths. In Knutsboda a part of the trail leads through an old forest where many flowers flourish in spring.
"The trail is marked with posts and white ribbons and there will also be info signs about sights," Jesper continues. "In Grandboda you can for example make a detour to the Ship owner's home Pellas and in Norrby you can visit the Lemland church from the 1200's.
The difficulty level of the Lemland trail varies due to the hilly landscape.
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