The Eckerö Mail & Custom's House

The stately Eckerö Mail & Custom's House was built in 1828 and drawn by the architects Carl Ludvig Engel and Carlo Bassi. The building is fashioned in the empire building style, known from, for example, the Helsinki centre and St. Petersburg. Eckerö Mail & Custom's House represents together with Bomarsund the Russian occupation in Finland and Åland. Eckerö used to be the Russian custom's border with Sweden for more than a hundred years.

Architect historians of today consider the Eckerö Mail & Custom's House to be one of Engels most important non-church buildings. The building has been owned by the Åland province since 1994 and is managed by the Åland government. The building and the surrounding area are an important part of the Åland cultural inheritance and have a strong connection with the Old Mail Route. Today the cultural building offers a fine excursion destination for the whole family.


Eckerö Post and Customs House will soon open for the 2014 season. This year we will present two big exhibitions in the mainbuilding from 3 May until 31 August (with a swap on 11-18 June).This summer we will have concerts, lectures, theatre and music programs and many more exciting events. Artist in Residence artists will be found in the Post and Customs House in the period May-September, and the audience will have the opportunity to meet them in open ateliers, workshops or other events. The summer programme will be supplemented afterwards.

Programs in the main building


Markus Kåhre, Rita Jokiranta, Johan Scott, Kenneth Bamberg, Pauliina Turakka Purhonen, Jonas Wilén, Satu Kiljunen, Mi Duncker and Henrika Lax.
Open 20/6 - 31/8 and 5-7/9 every day 10-17.

  • The Postrote museum 7/6-17/8 open every day 10-15.
  • Tsarevna Bistro, lunch & café 3/5-30/5 open Tuesday-Sunday 11-17
    1/6 - 17/8 open every day 10-18
    18/8 - 31/8 as well as 7-9/9 11-17
  • Mercedes Chocolaterie and Smått & Gott hadycraft shop, 2/5-31/5 open Friday - Sunday 11-17. From 1/6-17/8, open every day 11-17.





The Eckerö Post & Custom's House used to be the Russian custom's border with Sweden for more than a hundred years.